10 First Class Ways to Make Your Business Fly!

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‘This is the final call, your flight is about to depart.’

(Cue the Home Alone 2 airport scene music in your head, as you make that frantic dash so you don’t get left behind.)


Cause I know you’re not the type of person who wants their business to be grounded, right?


Last week I saw a guy … all suited & booted running … like his life depended on it from one part of Amsterdam airport to the other. And that airport is truly massive! (I really hope he made his flight).


I had the opposite experience, as I sauntering through the airport … making a pit-stop at Starbuck for a skinny flat white & then even jumping on a ‘virtual cuppa’ call with a potential new Mastermind client … before I boarded my last flight home after a short business trip to Bordeaux.


As I buckled my seat belt & plugged in my noise cancelling headphones (the best thing ever for flights – seriously!), I was suddenly struck by how freaking amazing it is that this plane will literally transport us all to a completely different country … whilst I sat on my backside!


That then sparked a train of thoughts about how there’s so much we can learn from everyday things we do … like flying … that can actually help us get out our way & rapidly grow our business.


So for this week’s podcast episodes, grab your passport … I mean headphones & let’s go on a trip, where I’ll share 10 first class ways to make your business fly.


  1. Preparation is key!
  2. Where are you going?
  3. Taking off takes a lot of energy
  4. Be comfortable not seeing
  5. Take the rough with the smooth
  6. Multiple stops
  7. Enjoy the journey
  8. Remember you’re not alone
  9. You don’t have to do everything yourself
  10. Everyone makes a choice!


And the good news is … you don’t need to pack your bags; go through the torture of airport security & wait to board a flight for me to bring these 10 ways to life … instead simply tune into the podcast episode above now.


Ready … let’s get going.

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