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Let’s start by having a ‘Virtual Cuppa’ Chat


I really get how frustrating it is when things are still not going exactly the way you’d like or even expected.

You’re putting in so much effort trying to figure things out & trying to make changes.  You’ve got some results & clients so far … but things aren’t flowing consistently yet.

But still no matter how many books you’re reading; courses you’re buying; podcasts & videos you’re consuming, notebooks you’re filling, you’re just going around in circles & end up feeling even more confused & frustrated, right?

I don’t want that for you & know you’re sick & tired of it too.

So let’s have a chat, as I’d love to hear more about your business & together dig into what your current opportunities & challenges are.

I promise you’ll leave with real clarity on how you can Grow Your Business YOUR Way & understanding which of the elements of my trusted Rapid Transformation Formula™: ‘Design’+ ‘Mindset’+ ‘Strategies’ = Results, would be best for you to sort out first!

So book in for your free virtual cuppa & then grab yourself your favourite drink for when we get to have a real 2-way conversation.

And if you’d like my help even more, then you can ask me more about having me in your corner as part of my Grow Your Business YOUR Way Coaching+ programme.

Everything that I do here at Rapid Transformation is to help you embrace entrepreneurship from the inside-out, so you can rapidly grow your business.

Let’s explore how we can work together & make that happen.

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Grow Your Business YOUR Way Coaching+ Programme

Are you ready to grow your business in a way that will work best for YOU & your unique situation?

Through my 12 week Coaching+ programme, you’ll get to fine-tune; strengthen or overhaul each of the elements of the Rapid Transformation Formula(TM): Design + Mindset + Strategies, so you can grow your business to the next level in a very practical & tailored way.

You’ll get access to the Get Out Your Way online programme + 1-2-1 milestone coaching sessions + Wealth Dynamics profiles, plus more!

“I confidently increased my prices by 3.5x & I totally smashed my challenging goals.

Your coaching has helped me to achieve so many big wins this past year & set things up in my business that will help it continue to grow even further.

Thank you so much for the support & being in my corner.  You rock Osmaan!”

Logan Elliott


Speaker Sessions & Workshops

Let me help your teams & others grow too!

I regularly speak & deliver workshops to groups & teams, so they can make sure they’ve got their DESIGN + MINDSET + STRATEGIES working solidly!

So whether you’re looking for a dose of inspiration combined with practical actions for your upcoming workshop; conference; team day or online masterclass, then together we can make that happen.

“I realised that there were important values that I hadn’t acknowledged yet – which informed very different choices and decisions going forward.

It helped me to ‘clear the deck’ and to re-focus with clarity and purpose.

It also took away a lot of the noise and distraction.

It allowed me to create a blueprint for my business that works for ME.

And in doing so, to feel more grounded, confident and bold in the business I am creating.

The entire experience has detoxed and re-set my business and helped me establish myself as the CEO of my business.

It has been incredibly empowering.

Isabelle Griffith

“I had some coaching with Osmaan around my Wealth Dynamics Profile and WOW – I wish I’d have known what I know now about 30 years ago!

It helped me understand what being in flow means for me!
If I had realised this before, my career would have definitely taken a different path and I would never have had the moments of ‘why am I stuck or not enjoying this’.

It has been great for my business and also shown me where my gaps are and how to fill those gaps with the people that I can work with in order to make that happen.  I thoroughly recommend it!”

Sam Dounis


Want help figuring out the best next steps for you?

Know you want help but want to speak first?

I spend most of my time working with my clients through the Grow Your Business YOUR Way Coaching+ Programme.

I also work with a handful of 1-2-1 clients on a 6 month coaching & consultancy package.

Let’s jump online for a quick ‘virtual cuppa’ or telephone call, so I can hear more about your business, plus what’s happening or not happening for you right now.

During this time, we can together chat about the best next steps forward for you to rapidly grow your business.

“We started this year with an afternoon team workshop with Osmaan.  I knew the “time out” would be beneficial however I can honestly say it was so much more useful that I had hoped for.

We really focussed on how best to work to our strengths as a team and how we could add value to our business proposition.  Sometimes when you are running a small business is can be challenging to look objectively at both the opportunities and the areas that need improvement.

Our time will Osmaan has given me a new perspective and helped me realise that we are a solid team very capable of delivering an awesome service and experience to our clients!

The guys have already remarked on what an excellent exercise it was and we are looking forward to our next session.”

Ian Barclay

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