You + Me = Working Together

Everything that I do here at Rapid Transformation is to help you embrace entrepreneurship from the inside-out, so you can rapidly grow your business.

Let’s explore the different ways that we can work together & make that happen.

Want to pinpoint where your current business growth blocks are?


One-to-One Coaching

Me + You = A personalised coaching & business growth experience.

Whether you’re wanting to get ‘Unstuck’ rapidly on a specific challenge or opportunity; need help to ‘Close the Gap’ from where you are to get that momentum going or are ready to really step things up & ‘Master Your Corner’ …. then let me help you get out your way!

Through face-to-face coaching session in Glasgow, Scotland or via video/telephone online sessions, you’ll have me focusing on YOU & YOUR business.

“When I first started working with Osmaan I had several different business interests.

I didn’t really know where to focus my time to get the biggest reward for myself and I didn’t even know when I was in flow and when I wasn’t.

  After working with Osmaan, I’m now laser focused on where my energies should be.  

After our calls I feel energised and fired up to take (the right) action.”

Jenny Plant

90 Day Mastermind Group

90 Day Mastermind Group

Get real tangible results in 90 days with a group of like-minded business owners.

Masterminds are a powerful way to get out your way & grow your business, whilst having the accountability, sharing & support from others too.

If you’d like to be part of a Mastermind with a difference – then see how this can work for you.

“I’d highly recommend the Transformation Exchange because Osmaan is an incredible coach, mentor and support.   He always has time and really goes out his way to make sure we get the most from the group whether its through 121’s, group coaching calls, meetups or in the private online group.  

I have over come many hurdles in my business and personally because of all the help I have had from Osmaan and the group.   

The group also allows you to meet other people from varies backgrounds so you definitely learn loads from your peers too.  

I personally think you get a lot more than what you pay for with the group.  So I would HIGHLY recommend you join!”

Sehar Shahid


Wealth Dynamics – The Entrepreneurial Profile

Every single small business owner needs to know their entrepreneurial superpower … seriously!

If you’re finding that despite working hard & doing lots of stuff, things aren’t feeling like they’re flowing for you or in your business.  The chances are you’re not using your talents, skills or entrepreneurial superpower.

The Wealth Dynamics profile helps you discover which of the 8 types of entrepreneurs you’re most aligned with, so you can follow the best strategies that will work for YOU!

“I had some coaching with Osmaan around my Wealth Dynamics Profile and WOW – I wish I’d have known what I know now about 30 years ago!

It helped me understand what being in flow means for me!
If I had realised this before, my career would have definitely taken a different path and I would never have had the moments of ‘why am I stuck or not enjoying this’.

It has been great for my business and also shown me where my gaps are and how to fill those gaps with the people that I can work with in order to make that happen.  I thoroughly recommend it!”

Sam Dounis


Speaker Sessions & Workshops

Let me help your teams & others grow too!

I regularly speak & deliver workshops to groups & teams, so they can make sure they’ve got their DESIGN + MINDSET + STRATEGIES working solidly!

So whether you’re looking for a dose of inspiration combined with practical actions for your upcoming workshop; conference; team day or online masterclass, then together we can make that happen.

“We started this year with an afternoon team workshop with Osmaan.  I knew the “time out” would be beneficial however I can honestly say it was so much more useful that I had hoped for.

We really focussed on how best to work to our strengths as a team and how we could add value to our business proposition.  Sometimes when you are running a small business is can be challenging to look objectively at both the opportunities and the areas that need improvement.

Our time will Osmaan has given me a new perspective and helped me realise that we are a solid team very capable of delivering an awesome service and experience to our clients!

The guys have already remarked on what an excellent exercise it was and we are looking forward to our next session.”

Ian Barclay


‘Get Out Your Way & Grow Your Network Marketing Business ‘- Online Course

Looking to rapidly grow your network marketing business using an ‘inside-out’ approach & NLP?

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching & training network marketing & MLM business owners over the past few years.

Through this online course, you’ll discover how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) transformation tools to help you & your teams to achieve more success.

“The online course was truly powerful because it made me realise that it’s ME that makes a difference to my network marketing business.

Unlike other more generic personal & business development courses I’ve done, I was able to implement what I was learning easier because it was focused around my type of business & industry.

I loved the techniques that I learnt & they still continue to help me rapidly change my mindset & habits whenever I need to.

Mhairi Methven


Want help figuring out the best next steps for you?

Know you want help but not sure what’s the best option?

Let’s jump online for a quick ‘virtual cuppa’ or telephone call, so I can hear more about your business, plus what’s happening or not happening for you right now.

During this time, we can together chat about the best next steps forward for you to rapidly grow your business.

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