Testimonials & Results

Testimonials & Results

I know that I could talk and talk and talk for hours about all things to do with starting or growing your business; the Rapid Transformation approach; coaching; Wealth Dynamics or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Instead I thought you ‘d want to hear or read more about the experiences & results from those who’ve been there & done it!

“Osmaan absolutely changed the trajectory of my business.

Before working with Osmaan, I couldn’t understand why some things in my business were completely draining and why others felt completely in flow.”

Amy Mitchell

Jenny Plant


Logan Elliott

Karen Hardie

“I achieved my 90 day revenue target in 30 days. Thanks!

Osmaan’s ability to identify mindset blockages and drill down into actually solving the problem has been the best investment I’ve made in my business.

In hindsight, I’ve struggled for years with limiting beliefs about the business world and my true potential.

To have clarity and feel genuinely positive about my future plans is a real shift in the right direction for me, my family and my business.

I am forever grateful, thank you!”

Fionn Patrick

“I’ve gotten over my life-long fear of public speaking, changed some behaviours that have been holding me back in both my personal and business life and he’s also helped me identify the reasons I am even in business for myself!

I’m looking at my businesses in a whole new light and I feel excited to be implementing the strategies and techniques that Osmaan has helped me develop.

Forever grateful to a fantastic coach and friend.”

Barry Nelson

“We all know our business, is a ‘between the ears’ one … Osmaan helps us eradicate any mind junk holding us back and helps with practical tips to get on with the task at hand.

I always leave his sessions feeling empowered and ready to create HUGE results in my business! Thank you Osmaan.”

Lesley Collins

“I would highly recommend having Osmaan as a coach.  Over the last 18 months, he’s helped me have a lot more clarity & vision in my own businesses, which have been really profitable.

I’ve also been a lot happier & my teams have been a lot happier too.”

Logan Elliott

Susie Jones

Michael Devine

Lisa Russell


“Finding out my true skills and real direction in life has transformed my thinking about who I am and what I should be doing to achieve my goals.
Working with Osmaan has helped me identify and achieve that change and with it my approach to opportunities.  
I would happily recommend Osmaan to everyone I meet.”

Gordon Bain

“Step by step, technique by technique, session by session, you helped me figure out what I DO want. 

And as the picture of what I want to be, do and have in my life got clearer, you provide the resources and support to help me achieve more than I ever really believed I was capable of. 

My life is almost unrecognisable today, in an amazing way, and I am very grateful for all your help and guidance along the way.”

Molly Cameron

“I asked Osmaan for help to improve my focus on the important aspects of my network marketing business, which would result in me being more productive to help my team as much as possible.

I indeed made my promotion on time and soon will make another.

Without his help I would be stuck in the rut I was in and so I will continue to work with Osmaan on an ongoing basis.

I would recommend him to anyone.”

Garry Thomson

“I just wanted to say I love our coaching calls.  The value you give and the breadth of your expertise is superb and I know enabling me, who knew nothing about business 3 years ago, to rapidly grew as an entrepreneur.

I leave the call with clarity about where I’m going, answers to all my questions and new ideas and a clear list of actions.

Thank you so much for being you.”

Sally Jackson

“Since joining the Transformation Exchange, I’ve been able to play more to my strengths and manage my weaknesses and I have so much more clarity on what to focus on.  

Everyone in the community are really warm and it’s been a great sounding board to challenge my thoughts and ideas.  

Osmaan is genuinely focussed on helping each and every one of the members.

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to get great business coaching, the Transformation Exchange is the place to get it.”

Jon Norton

“I had some coaching with Osmaan around my Wealth Dynamics Profile and WOW – I wish I’d have known what I know now about 30 years ago!

It helped me understand what being in flow means for me!
If I had realised this before, my career would have definitely taken a different path and I would never have had the moments of ‘why am I stuck or not enjoying this’.

It has been great for my business and also shown me where my gaps are and how to fill those gaps with the people that I can work with in order to make that happen.  I thoroughly recommend it!”

Sam Dounis

Emma Hadley

Leanne Lawton

Alan Manson


“In a 30 minute session with Osmaan, I was able to identify and clear limiting beliefs dating back 29 years!

I’m now looking forward to my upcoming interview which I had been dreading. And the best part is, I had all the answers inside me, so the process (and the answers) felt completely natural.

I feel like several layers of stress have been lifted away. Thank you Osmaan!”

Susie Jones

“I joined the Transformation Exchange to be part of a community where I could connect with those in a similar situation, to help me get through the challenges that came up in my business.  

I like connecting with the other members on the group calls.  I come away with the feeling I belong to something useful and beneficial.

Even though it’s not a 1-2-1 programme, Osmaan is always generous with his time, answering my questions thoroughly, giving great insights and advice in all the group coaching calls.  

He’s very approachable, dedicated and knowledgable and is extremely keen to help and push you forward, which is what you need in a coach.”

Gareth Jones

“The last few years, with growth in the business, I have had to wear many more hats than I am suitably qualified for.

This is why I decided to take the Wealth Dynamics assessment with Osmaan and look at where my energy better lies for more flow in our business.

Osmaan’s session was very enlightening, not only does he give a clear explanation of one’s characteristics when in flow, but he was able to investigate where I am at with everything right now and help guide me out of a tight space.”

Sunita Passi

“I was looking to have someone keep me accountable and keep me focussed on the things that would make a real difference in my business.  

I particularly liked working with Osmaan as he has a wide range of skills and experience to draw on and responds in a really helpful way to a wide range of situations.  

Working with Osmaan is a delight and I look forward to continuing working with him in the future.”

Zena Bruges

“I was stuck with a small scale business not earning enough for me to live on.  

It is now working. I’m feeling far more capable. I have a plan and am building my business steadily.  Pricing is better, marketing is better and my audience is growing.

 Osmaan really listens and I feel like I matter.   He really cares about his clients and will do what it takes to help them.”

Janet Renouf-Miller

“I started working with Osmaan on a one-to-one basis because I was really having some problems professionally with where I was at.

In our sessions together he really helped me to gain clarity to what was right for me.

If anyone is in that position of reconsidering their options, I’d definitely advise getting in touch with Osmaan for some coaching.”

Karen Hardie

James Keegans

Nina Lenton

Stephen Elliott


“Being a part of the Transformation Exchange has helped me see myself as a real business owner and Osmaan has really helped me over come my personal challenges.  

I’m on track to reach my goals and have Osmaan to thank for always encouraging and supporting me.”

Natalie Burgess

“I was so fortunate to meet Osmaan, and be trained by him alongside 350 other Arbonne Independent Consultants in June 2015 … since then, Osmaan has been a huge inspiration to me – posting valuable content which I use and implement in to my day to day.  

Recently Osmaan has provided the most incredible mindset training to my team, which took us into Regional Vice President Qualification as a team.

Osmaan is passionate, dedicated and an absolutely brilliant coach, trainer and mentor!”

Wendy Griffith

“A failed business, job redundancy, and a whole lot of baggage leading to health problems. 

My approach was open yet slightly sceptical. What I found still amazes and excites me.

Not conventional therapy, not just a listening ear and half-hearted advice, nor some half learned technique but an amazingly effective and simple to use tool kit that can be applied both professionally and in personal life. 

Osmaan is professional in his approach and is highly capable and experienced to coach. Has truly helped me at a crossroads in my life when I could find no useful solutions to the problems I faced.

I am truly excited to continue this journey of learning and self discovery.”

Simah Khalid

“Just one Unstuck chat with Osmaan, to get more from my Wealth Dynamics profile, and already his ideas were prompting big ‘Ah-ha’ moments, as the pieces began to fall into place.

Enlightening and effective, it was impossible not to take immediate action! Thank you Osmaan.”

Diane Leigh

“I’d highly recommend the Transformation Exchange because Osmaan is an incredible coach, mentor and support.   He always has time and really goes out his way to make sure we get the most from the group whether its through 121’s, group coaching calls, meetups or in the private online group.  

I have over come many hurdles in my business and personally because of all the help I have had from Osmaan and the group.   

The group also allows you to meet other people from varies backgrounds so you definitely learn loads from your peers too.  

I personally think you get a lot more than what you pay for with the group.  So I would HIGHLY recommend you join!”

Sehar Shahid

“We started this year with an afternoon team workshop with Osmaan.  I knew the “time out” would be beneficial however I can honestly say it was so much more useful that I had hoped for.

We really focussed on how best to work to our strengths as a team and how we could add value to our business proposition.  Sometimes when you are running a small business is can be challenging to look objectively at both the opportunities and the areas that need improvement.

Our time will Osmaan has given me a new perspective and helped me realise that we are a solid team very capable of delivering an awesome service and experience to our clients!

The guys have already remarked on what an excellent exercise it was and we are looking forward to our next session.”

Ian Barclay


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