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Tune into The Get Out Your Way Podcast, to help you get unstuck & rapidly grow your business.

As a performance & mindset coach for small business owners & entrepreneurs, I knows how vital it is for you to truly embrace entrepreneurship from the inside-out, which includes transforming your mindset & using business strategies that really work with your unique talents, skills & entrepreneurial superpower.

During each of the episodes, I’ll bring my experience of having grown by business after leaving the corporate world over a decade ago, plus combine it with other real life examples of working with my business coaching & mentoring clients.

You’ll also get to see how practical tools & techniques from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Wealth Dynamics, which will help you to start thinking, feeling & acting more like an entrepreneur instead of an employee of your business.

It’s not all just me though, as you’ll also get to eavesdrop into inspiring conversations that I have with other business owners & learn how they’ve had to get out their way during the exciting & sometimes challenging journey of entrepreneurship.

So if you’re ready to step things up in your business, it’s about time that you Get Out Your Way, don’t you think?

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I am ….

Be honest do you have a voice in your head that talks to you & sometimes even speaks out loud? What it says can really make a difference to you, so be careful & choose the right stuff!

When is enough ENOUGH?

When is ‘giving up’ the right decision to make? Or is that just a disguise for what the real challenges are for you? See how you can quickly figure out what choice to make.

Be clear on your MISSION

If you feel rather scattered & going off on tangents – maybe you need to check into ‘mission control’. By being super clear on why you’re doing what you do in business, it can help you be [...]

Being formal & boring?

Sounding like you’re a business robot will make your potential customers run a mile! Plus it won't feel like it's YOU either! So relax, loosen up & just be YOU, when you write or speak!

Will you marry me?

Are you scaring your potential customers away by coming on too strong or losing them by shying away? Is it better to go too fast or too slow in a new business relationship? See how the world [...]

The Common Factor

Christmas movies are great fun & magical. But they also have something common in them, which can help you start or grow your business. Check out this blog blog & see if you can spot it today.


There’s really no shortage of ideas that we all get. But if we don’t act upon or nurture them … they could easily go to find someone else who will do it! I got 2 massive insights from reading [...]

The Future is here

It's been 30 years since Marty McFly & Doc Brown visited 'today'! Our world looks somewhat different to the movie but that's because it's totally up to YOU! If you were to travel & visit your [...]

Go On & Dive In!

If you want to get clarity & results … you need to dive in & take action! No amount of theory, reflecting, reading, planning or discussing will beat actually DOING! It's like snorkelling in the [...]

Multiplying Zero?

If you're trying to multiply zero in your business - you're not going to get very far! Instead you really need to figure out what Value you offer & then focus upon really Leveraging that! So [...]

See the bigger picture

See The Bigger Picture When’s the last time rose above all the chaos to see the bigger picture? It helps to make sure you’re on track. Sometimes we need to go up & see the bigger picture, to [...]

Stop moaning & do this

I know you’re probably the kind of person who’s hungry for even MORE … more results, more success, more challenge & want it to all happen yesterday! Am I right? What can happen though if [...]

Thinking Differently

Think differently .. actually in 6 different ways! We can often get stuck or go around in circles if we over think things, when it comes to starting or growing a business. By over thinking [...]

Wasting time learning?

Are you wasting your time with personal development? Because I'd hate for you to get caught in the trap of always listening to personal development CDs/podcasts or reading books, websites and [...]

Who are you hanging with?

A few years ago I heard a saying from Jim Rohn that has always stuck with me and shaped who I spend my time with (both in person & in the online world!) "You're the average of the five people [...]

The Someday Illusion

How many times have you heard yourself saying, ‘Someday I’ll get around to doing that’? Today I want to make sure you’re really taking action & focusing on what you can do in the here & now …. [...]

Impact V.S. Effort

Feeling like you’ve got a ton of things to do & not enough time? How do you decide? Check out this short RT-TV episode to see how there is a much smarter way for you to consider what stays; what [...]

The Reality of It

Having your own business and being your own boss can be a real headache at times. But…realize that your own experience, personality & wealth & talent dynamics profile can make a difference to how [...]

Ask For Help Today!

What are you struggling with this week? Why not get out there & ask for help! Think about how much further ahead it will get you, instead of attempting to do it all by yourself … and probably not [...]

What would you do if…?

"What you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?" That’s one of my all time favourite coaching questions. Keep asking yourself this question over & over again, in the context of growing your business [...]

Pushing yourself too much?

‘How will I know if I’m pushing myself too much?’ A fab question from one of my coaching client earlier this week, don’t you think? If you’re feeling totally strained in your business, then the [...]

What is the intention?

Feeling frustrated because things don’t feel like they’re moving fast enough for you? Get the balance right, as it’s just as bad to be slap-dash, cut corners & go live with a project! Apply this [...]

Has your flame gone out?

"Is your flame still burning or has it burnt out?"There’s really no end when it comes to learning & developing yourself. What can you do what that flame then? If you’re a business owner, you can [...]

Mix up your environment

“Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve got loads of things to complete on your ‘to-do’ list but you just aren't being productive?” There are so many different ways that you can mix [...]

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Are You an Entrepreneur? What picture gets conjured up in your mind when you hear that word …. ‘Entrepreneur’? Explore 5 key things that I hear people say around the topic & really see if you [...]

Scared of commitment?

Scared of Commitment? Change your mindset. Think that you need to fully commit right now, no bloody wonder it can feel like a big deal to really go after it and instead you can get cold feet. So [...]

Easy is a good thing!

Easy is a good thing! Have you ever had the experience when you think you ‘know’ something and then take it for granted? Think about it ‘logically’ – there are so many things that you would [...]

Do you really not know?

Do You Really Not Know? How does it feel when you say ‘I don’t know what to do? Your mind is always listening to whatever you’re saying or thinking & it’s a follower! By changing the words [...]

Do you love your work?

Do You Love Your Work? Every single person has a right to do whatever they choose to for ‘work’ and Love It! Watch out the latest episode of RT-TV to get a feel for how you can DESIGN things [...]

Need to know it all?

Need To Know It All Do you feel the need to ‘know it all’ before even getting off the starting blocks? When you’re starting to do something different, such as a new task; activity; hobby; [...]

You’re Fired!

You’re Fired! How would you feel & what’s your gut reaction? The longer you leave not doing anything about it, the more days you’ll be wasting not doing what is right for you. So even if it’s [...]

So what is NLP?

So What is NLP? It has a funny & somewhat complicated name …. but what is NLP all about? NLP is all about the study of excellence and it helps you to really focus upon the results that you’re [...]

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