Vision Before Goals

Picture the day when you’re sitting booking a holiday with a travel agent.  (I honestly can’t wait).


I know that after the year you’ve just had, if they asked you …. ‘where would you like to go?’ … you’d probably say … ‘ANYWHERE!’


But that’s not really going to help them or you, is it?


Think about it … what do you vision that holiday be like?  Filled with sunshine & beaches; snow & mountains or a hustle & bustle of a city … or whatever you’d prefer.


It doesn’t matter what the travel agent would choose for their holiday … or where I’d go … because that may be like a freaking nightmare to you.


So you really need to have a vision of what you want … before you can then start to focus on making it happen.


The same applies in your business too.


Vision is key & it needs to be YOUR vision.


But vision can change, as you change or the world around us changes.


For me, what I want for my business has actually evolved since the start of this year, which has now caused a positive ripple effect & changes in some of the goals that I had initially set.


So before you get your head down & work your butt off towards your goals, just make sure that they’ll get you towards the vision that you actually now want.


If they’re not, then the cool thing is that you’re the boss, so you get to upgrade or change that vision for yourself & your business.


Want to hear more about this & how you can ensure your vision is bang up to date?  Then listen to this week’s podcast, where I share some more practical tips with you.

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