Really commit to your business growth

My heart was pounding & my fingers felt like icicles, as we were riding around Central Park in New York in a horse-drawn carriage on a freezing cold winters evening.


This was THE moment when I was about to make the biggest commitment of my life.


‘Shareen, will you marry me & we’ll see if it works for a few months & if not, then we’ll go our separate ways?’


Now that is some proposal right?


But you’ll be glad to hear, it wasn’t what I said!


Because would that really have shown that I was truly all in & committed?


Nope .. not at all!


Business owners can fall into that trap though, when they commit to something & start to make traction, to only then stop doing what they were doing & move onto something else instead.


Or they give themselves a time limit to make it work before they give up.  Guess what that does to your mindset … shows you’re not really truly committed!


So have you done either of these in the past?


In this week’s podcast episode, I dive into these & share some practical ways that you can be more committed to yourself & your business this year.

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Best wishes as always.

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