Is your flame still burning or has it burnt out?

Greetings from Bali!

I’m a firm believer that there’s really no end when it comes to learning & developing yourself.  So last week I jumped on a plane & headed over to Vision Villas in Bali, to be part of Roger Hamilton’s (creator of Talent Dynamics) worldwide partner meeting & then 5 day masters programme.

I’ve learnt so much already & there is still 5 more days to go (warning to all my coaching & training clients – I’m coming back armed with so much more to share with you!).

On the first day, Roger made a throw away comment, which has stuck with me & keeps going around in my mind, as it really sums up why I’m so passionate about helping people like you, to really do what you love doing in ‘work’ or your business & getting into flow.

He said, ‘You can’t light a candle with an unlit candle!’

Simple but powerful right?

What does it mean to you when you read it?

To me, it’s all about how YOU need to be the one who’s inspired from the inside.  This then helps you to inspire other people are around you (whether this is your family; friends; colleagues; business partners; customers ….).

So what gets you inspired & loving what you doing?

I’m sure that your answer will be closely related to your strengths & talents- am I right?

(If you’re scratching your head & thinking … ‘erm … what are my talents & strengths – then get in touch with me & I’ll help you bring it to the surface!)

“You can’t light a candle with an unlit candle.”

Roger James Hamilton

When you’re playing the best game & following the paths that links closely to your talents (whether in your own business or as part of a team), people will trust you more (& you’ll trust yourself more too!). This is then when your candle will be order soma somali online constantly burning & shining brightly!

What can you do what that flame then?  Of course, pass it onto others, to help motivate, inspire & connect with them, so they take action & move things forward too.

If you’re a business owner, this can be to inspire other people to know that they want to work closely with you or experience the amazing products or services that you have, which could be just what they needed to solve their challenge or give them the pleasure they’re after.

Or if you’re a member of a team, it could be to help inspire each other to want to collectively work together in a focused way & each playing your individual parts to make your overall goals and visions come alive!

Whatever it is for you, just make sure that you’re keeping yourself inspired & motivated first!  (That kind of also reminds me of what the air stewards kept said on my flights over here, ‘Remember to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others! – same idea isn’t it?)

Enjoy the rest of your day & I look forward to sharing even more with you again soon.


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