Courage & Vulnerability

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I was well up for an early night on Saturday, as the fresh air & sunshine over the Easter weekend was fun & tiring.


So I threw on my Gryffindor PJs & hopped into bed at 11.30pm.  I thought I’d watch 15 minutes of Netflix to chill out before drifting off but guess what ended up happening?


It got to near 1am & I was wide awake with my head & heart racing!


All because I stumbled upon Brené Brown’s new Netflix special, ‘The Call to Courage’.


It totally struck me how much every business owner needs to constantly be courageous & that takes us being vulnerable too.


Because like Brené says, you’ll fail at times & that’s ok.


Plus I love her thoughts about not caring about the opinions of other people who aren’t actually being brave or who aren’t in the ‘arena’ doing the doing.


There’s so many key take-aways & insights from it, that I recorded a super short podcast episode to share them with you.


If you could do with being more brave, more courageous & seeing how being more vulnerability can actually help you & your business, then listen in today.


After listening, you’ll totally get why I couldn’t sleep after watching it.


Instead I was left totally inspired & wanting to jump back out of bed & get cracking.


Enjoy tuning in & I know that it will help you get out of your way even more.

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