Are you asking for advice & help from the right people?

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I regularly annoy business owners (like the taxi driver who dropped me off at Glasgow Airport last month), when they find out that I’m a performance & mindset coach.


Because they often ask me some form of this question….

‘So what advice would you give me to grow my business?’


My response is always … ‘It depends!’


And that’s not the answer they want to hear!


But it’s the honest answer and it really does!


It depends on your goal.


It depends on your entrepreneurial superpower & personality.


It depends on what stage you’re currently at in your business.


It depends on what you’ve done before & what you’re currently doing just now.


It depends on what is actually important to you & motivated you to stop thinking & actually DOING!


And that’s why I get really frustrated when I see business owners asking for help or advice from the wrong people!


Because even though they often mean well, they give their ideas, thoughts & opinions without considering the full picture or specifics for YOU!


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be asking for help or advice, as often trying to figure out everything yourself can keep you feeling stuck.


But you’ve got to really think about who & how you’re asking for help.


In this week’s podcast episode, I dig into this even more for you … with plenty of practical hints & tips.


Including why asking your friends or family for their advice, should be avoided in general.


Plus, in what situations you’re just wasting your breath by even asking for help in the first place!


I truly hope it helps you to get the best advice for YOU going forward, so you can rapidly grow your business & keep on getting out of your way.

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Best wishes as always.

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