Today I’m in an even jollier mood than normal …. because it’s my BIRTHDAY!

I decided to start my day off with lots of fun by doing a live Periscope … all about the key things that I wish I knew when I started my business 8 years ago!

It was ace (even if I do say so myself), as there was lots of questions, insights & hearts being shared!

There was so much lessons in there – warts & all – that I decided it would be selfish, if I didn’t share it with you!

So tune in below now …..

There were over 14 key lessons & ‘wishes’ that I shared, including:

  • You v.s. Customers
  • Being precious or getting results
  • Do original ideas matter?
  • Will you ever stop learning?
  • ‘I’ll be happy when …..’
  • Why you want to make lots of mistakes!
  • How knowing my Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profile has helped me massively!
  • When is a ‘sale’ as sale?
  • Why does consistency matter?
  • How long it really takes!
  • What to do when you feel like giving up.
  • Some things can’t be planned for.
  • Who’s opinion really counts?
  • You’ll love it & hate it!

It’s really a bumper filled ‘training’ in there, so definitely grab a cup of tea, coffee, green juice or whatever takes your fancy … some paper & pen  …. and enjoy!

I’m loving Periscope, as it’s so much more fun when you’re interacting in real-time.  If you haven’t already, download the Periscope App (available for Apple & Android devices) & be sure to follow me: @osmaan_sharif

You’ll then be able to join the ‘party’ at the time & of course ask questions.

Definitely share with me in the comments below, what your biggest insights are & what you’re going to do with them!

Right, I’m off to eat more birthday cake & celebrate!

Speak soon

business coach

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