What Can You Control & Influence?

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‘Osmaan, quick you need to come … your cat is stuck up a tree!’


I know it’s sick, but I’ve wished for some sort of ‘emergency’ call like that to come in & rescue me from some conversations with friends in the past.  (Even though I don’t have a cat!)


You know those type of chats that, just end up with the other person moaning & moaning about everything that is wrong with their world & what’s not working.


Why does this pain me so much?  First of all, it’s because I struggle to not jump straight into ‘coach’ mode & try to ‘fix’ things.


But also because even if I was to attempt to help them, nothing would change if they keep their head stuck so far up their ‘problems’ … especially around the parts that they actually can’t change or do anything about!


Like seriously, are you going to be able to change what the weather is going to be like tomorrow; or persuade Mark Zuckerberg to change his Facebook algorithm back to the ‘good old days’, or to have Starbucks serve Toffee Nut Lattes all year round & not just for Christmas (actually that’s something well worth fighting for) & don’t even get me started on Brexit!


But there’s a pattern with all this type of moaning & attention.  Have you spotted it yet?


You can stamp your feet as much as you want; shout till everyone hears you … or gets sick of hearing you & just end up driving yourself crazy in the process.


Ultimately nothing will change though & you’ll have just wasted so much of your time & energy!


And I’m not saying that you or ‘they’ should just ‘shut up’ about things & do nothing!


Nope … but how about instead, you channel that powerful energy & motivation into a new & more productive direction.


Just imagine what magic you could then make happen to turn things around for YOU & YOUR business, if you did that?


In this week’s short podcast episode, I’ll share with you a simple yet powerful tool that will help you do just that.  I know you’ll want to keep it in your back pocket & will whip it out as loads of times … especially in those moments when you’re end up finding yourself acting like Moaning Myrtle.

(Source: Stephen Covey)


You’ll even hear a real-life example of this working last week, when during the 2 day Mastermind retreat, one of my clients had a huge lightbulb moment (I’m talking Blackpool illuminations here), when they realised that something that was overwhelming them could be sorted rapidly … just by changing how they were seeing & focusing on it!


Let me know what your biggest take away is from this episode & how it will help you.

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Best wishes as always.

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