Are you wasting your time with personal development?

Because I’d hate for you to get caught in the trap of always listening to personal development CDs/podcasts or reading books, websites and even my blogs, and expect your life or business results to change all by itself!

You might think that I’ve gone crazy but don’t worry, I’ll explain what I mean.

Of course, I totally know that your own development and growth, whether it’s on a personal or business level, can really make a huge difference to your success.

But the one vital element which is missed by so many people with personal development is ACTION.

Honestly, personal development is a complete waste of time unless you implement what you are learning and put it into practice.

You may have heard the familiar saying ‘Knowledge is power!’.  Well I completely disagree with this statement and actually believe it can mislead a lot of people.

From my experience of training and coaching hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, to help them start or grow their business, I know one thing for sure:

Knowledge + Action = Results

You can have the all the knowledge and the correct strategies you need to create change.  However, without the key ingredient of action, you will be sabotaging your chances for success.

It’s like baking a chocolate cake without using any flour or chocolate – it’s not going to look or taste the way you’d want it to!

I truly believe that we’re all really lucky to live in the world that we do now, because it’s never been easier to access personal & professional development resources in so many ways.

There’s a workshop, book or website on everything!  So we don’t have to go and figure out how to make the changes we want or improve our results by creating brand new strategies; techniques & mindsets, from scratch all by ourselves!

Again though, it all boils down to your ACTION.  It’s your choices that will be the difference.

So take this to be a little reminder for you to make sure you aren’t the type of person who says, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or even worse, “I’ll do it someday”.   Do it now!   Do it today!

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Pablo Picasso

One thing you can be certain of is that there’ll never be a right time to do something.   We can always find an excuses or a reason to put something off.

I know though that by you even reading this, you’re the type of person who wants to keep on creating rapid transformations in your business & life.

So jump on the massive blazing steam train called ACTION, which will take you from where you currently are and on the journey towards where you choose to go!

What are you doing to do this week to take action?  Drop a quick comment below & let me know.

All the best

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  • Marion Anderson

    Read your blog – and took action! Contacted 3 people to arrange to drop Arbonne samples off with them. You are right – knowledge is great, but combined with action will get me the results I want.

    • Osmaan Sharif

      Good on you Marion 🙂

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