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My life was all packed up & the hire car was filled to the brim.


And I was ready for the long drive down to Brighton where I was about to start my new job & career back in 2005.

My new bonsai tree was safely sitting in the front passenger seat with the seat belt wrapped around it … well you can’t be too careful … especially with me as the driver.

And next to it was my trusted printout to help me navigate all the way from Glasgow to Brighton … a long drive ahead!

I remember not even getting outside Scotland & feeling … ‘Am I nearly there yet?’ and I really had no clue.

Even though I knew where I was starting from & was clear on my destination, the actual journey was less known … which made it feel like it was dragging on & on & on.

Do you remember those days … without sat-navs being ‘standard’ … seriously how did we survive?

We take for granted how much valuable info sat-navs give us by constantly sharing real-time feedback on how far we’ve gone & our estimated time of arrival. Recalculating so it takes into account the coffee & pee breaks & contending with any traffic hold ups too.

When you know you’re getting closer … you feel like you’ve made massive progress & are even more excited to keep going, cause it’s not long left!  Or if you see that the ETA is way longer that you anticipated, you get to put your foot down more (safely & within the speed limit of course) or take shorter pit-stops.

So how about create your own version of a ‘sat nav’ to help track how you’re doing with those shiny new goals you’ve set for your business?

In this week’s super short & rapid podcast episode, I’ll share some ways that I personally track my goals so that they are always front of mind & help me know exactly where I am on the journey. Plus you’ll hear some ways that my clients have made this work for them.

Most people focus so much time on setting their goals & getting clear on the destination … but it’s the actual journey where the magic happens.

Increase the odds of you hearing those much anticipated words (in your head) …. ‘you’ve reached your destination’, by adding this simple strategy into your goals so that you truly enjoy & make the most of the journey.

Let me know how creative you get by sharing how you’re going to track your progress with me.

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Best wishes as always.

p.s. – all those years of watching The Karate Kid on repeat paid off …. the Bonsai tree survived for years & moved with me to London & then back up to Glasgow

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