Don’t you just love Christmas movies … or is that just me?

We’ve watched a fair few of them already this year in the Sharif household.  What struck me was that there’s a common pattern in most of them.

The main characters go through a journey …. they face challenges & opportunities …. lots of ups & downs …. times when they question themselves but keep on going ….  until they get to a positive ending.

So there’s loads we can learn from them which can help us in the world of business, don’t you think?

But there’s another key theme in them all too …. see if you can spot it … 

  • Home Alone …. Kevin gets a helping hand from Old Man Marley & the ‘bird lady’ to get away from those crooks Harry & Marv.
  • Elf …. Santa is helped by Buddy the Elf, who is helped by his new-found dad, step-brother & ‘girlfriend’ to increase Christmas spirit to get the sleigh flying.
  • Santa Claus (The Movie) … The man in the red suit is helped by Patch the Elf, the little homeless boy & the little girl!
  • Die Hard … John McLean is helped by Al Powell to stop the bad guys in the Nakatomi Plaza.
  • Miracle on 34th Street … Kris Kringle is found ‘not guilty’ through the help of the wee girl Susan, her mum Dorey & Brian the lawyer.
  • Love Actually … where do I start … every story is intermingled & they help each other in lots of ways.
  • Fred Claus … Fred ends up helping his big brother Santa stop the North Pole being shut down by Clyde Northcutt.
  • It’s A Wonderful Life … The whole town ends up helping George Bailey come out of a bad patch & showing him how much value he has given them all.
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol … The ghosts of past, present & future helps Scrooge help come to his senses & Kermit the frog is there to help too.

… the list could truly go on & on …

So what’s the common thing between them all?

It’s a team effort!

It’s worth remembering that in business we don’t have to everything ourselves, even though I know many entrepreneurs and business owners tend to forget that.

If you try to do it yourself … it can be rather frustrating, more challenging & really lonely too!

That was the biggest reason for starting the Transformation Exchange last month, so that fellow entrepreneurs & business owners – no matter what stage they were in business – can have an online community around them to learn from, collaborate & get access to coaching & mentoring too.

It’s been great seeing everyone inside this small & intimate mastermind community really working closely together & getting lots of immense value.

If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one, then definitely check out more about the Transformation Exchange & see how it could work for you and them.

<< Take a peek at what’s included inside the Transformation Exchange & how to be part of it here >> 

I’m sure this has also put you in the mood to watch some of these movies too, so enjoy & be sure to share some of the other key learnings from your favourite Christmas movies with me too, in the comments below.

Best wishes

business coach

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