What do you think about the word ‘Selling’?

How is it that the same word or activity can feel so different for people?

The way you feel about selling or sales can have a massive impact on your results … in both a negative or positive way!

This week I was chatting to 2 business owners.  One was so excited about finally being able to share & sell their new product.  While the other looked petrified by the thought of having to sell!

Listen to this short audio podcast to hear more about the conversations that we had & how you can make sure you look at selling in a very positive & value-filled way!

Want a sample of what I talk about?

  • Sales & selling all comes down to YOUR perceptions & beliefs!
  • No Sales  = No Business!
  • It’s not about being sleazy, pushy or ‘closing a sale’
  • What selling is really all about …. a positive experience!
  • What value & trust has to do with it!
  • There are many ways to ‘sell’ – make sure you’re selling in a way that supports your personality & Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profile.
  • The power of getting a thank you card from a client!
  • It’s more than just the immediate transaction … think about the long term impact!

I’m sure you’ll have taken lots of notes & had many lightbulb moments from listening to the audio podcast!

Now it’s time for action!

Type a quick comment below & share more about your insights & specifically what VALUE your business (product or service) really has to add to your customers?  Also, how do you now feel about those words …. ‘selling’ or ‘sales’?

Have a fantastic week & I look forward to sharing even more with you again soon.

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  • Lindsay Gibson

    Really interesting podcast, thanks Os!! It has given me a new perspective on sales in my business. I love the idea of adding value!!

    • Osmaan Sharif

      Hi Lindsay,

      Thanks for the comment & glad that you got value from it 🙂

      Yeah business does become really simple if you keep focusing on the value you’re adding to your customers/clients.

      I saw that you signed up for the free e-course too. Enjoy it & be sure to let me know how it helps you too.

      Speak soon


  • Mark Keenan

    Thanks for the value-adding podcast Os.

    Having the right mindset with enabling beliefs, being focused on how your service or product can help or add value to a customer and demonstrating how it helps or adds value will lead to successful outcomes and sales.

    I’m also a big believer in that if a prospective customer doesn’t take on the service or product after some conversations, you can leave them with a positive experience that you are a good company to do business with and it may lead to a successful sale in the future.



    • Osmaan Sharif

      Hi Mark,

      Great to hear that the podcast gave you some real food for thought.

      I totally agree that your mindsets & enabling beliefs can make a huge impact on adding value to customers.

      It certainly does come down to giving them a positive experience, as like you say it could potentially lead to an opportunity in the future or even recommendation. Plus it’s nice to be nice isn’t it?

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