Suffering from the Fear of Success?

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Does this sound familiar to you? …..


You do all the things you can to help set yourself up for the best week.


You get up ‘early’ & do your routines …


You capture everything you want to get done on your list … whether that’s a nice fancy notebook where you go old school & write it down, or you tap tap tap away & input it into your somewhat more fancier system, which will help you be organised & get it done.


But then at the end of some days, you find yourself down in the dumps, saying not so nice things to yourself & drowning your sorrows whilst staring down at the bottom of your cold latte mug ….. because some things didn’t quite get done like planned!


Why is that?


Of course, there’ll be times when ‘things’ come up that you didn’t expect, so you need to re-prioritise & adjust your plans.  That’s life & it happens.


But if you keep noticing that you’re constantly moving the same things from one ‘to-do list’ to the next one … yet it’s still not getting done … maybe there’s something else going on.


It could be down to FEAR.


There’s actually 2 sides to the FEAR equation … and one side tends to get more time & attention by people … the fear of failure!


You know … the things that you don’t do because … what if it doesn’t work out or you fall flat on your face!


Well what about that other side … the Fear of SUCCESS?


This is often neglected & not given enough attention.  But it’s what can be the real reason why sometimes we can hold ourselves back from actually doing what we say we’re going to do.


Because … what if it DOES work … then what will that mean?


You know like …


‘What if I get grow my team? … it will mean that I’ll need to coach & lead them … yikes will I be good enough to do that & do I even have the time to do it?’


What if I put myself out there on social media? … it will mean that other people will see what I’m doing, they may think I’ve changed & not be happy for me!


What if I get more sales? …. it may just mean that I’m working more & the lovely tax people will take a bigger chunk of it.


What if I grow my part-time business? … it could mean that I’ll actually get to give up the full time job that I’ve been trying to get away from … but I’ve been doing that for years & it’s ‘who’ I am!


What if … what if .. what if?


Some of the above rambles that go on inside our head can be pretty scary at times for us to even contemplate … so without realising it we can sabotage things to stop it from actually happening!


It may sound absurd but I’ve seen this countless of times when coaching & mentoring business owners & entrepreneurs … plus I’ve been guilty of doing that too at times!


So have a think about some of those things that you may not be doing & if you were to really be honest with yourself, it’s because you’re scared of acing it!


Then give yourself a good shake & ask yourself what you’d rather …. keeping things the way they are … or creating things in the way you really want them to be?


Of course to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ … it will feel scary at times … you’ll feel like you’re out of your comfort zone & question the heck out of yourself, but it will all come down to you doing the doing to make it happen!


That’s what you’ve got to decide & commit to!


Then when you see those tasks on your to-do list, instead of ignoring them or creating some sort of ‘drama’ to avoid it …. put on your superhero pants & get it done!

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