Stop Shying Away From Selling

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How do you start a sales conversation with a prospective customer or client?   Elegantly & with sophistication or do you shy away from it or bumble your way through?


I know from first hand experience that ‘selling’ isn’t one of the most enjoyable activities for many small business owners & entrepreneurs … in fact I used to really hate it.


But we really need to be having more of these conversations on a daily basis, as without them …. you’ll be without a business.


I wanted to bring someone extra special onto the podcast, to chat all about how you can get out your way when it comes to selling.


The obvious choice was the one & only …. Matthew Kimberly!


You can eavesdrop into the conversation we had & I promise that you’ll come away with some real magical & tangible actions, plus have lots of chuckle moments along the way too.


Here’s a sneaky peek at some of what we talk about:


  • The impact of seeing Matthew sell a single apple for £100 from the stage!
  • Who gets to set the rules – you or the prospective client?
  • Why you can sell without selling out!
  • What you need to do to get better & more comfortable at selling.
  • Why you can learn from Donald Trump & Justin Bieber!
  • What’s more important to you … approval or results?


So I think I’ve sold you enough on the fact that you NEED to listen to this episode right now, so go ahead & press PLAY now!


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* Matthew talks about being a ‘Star’ profile & I share how I’m a ‘Trader’ profile, in terms of our Entrepreneurial Superpower.  Find out what type of entrepreneur you are & how that can make a difference in the way you sell by taking the Wealth Dynamics test.
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Best wishes as always.

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