Honestly, before you started your business, how much did you actually think about the fact that you’d need to actually sell ‘things’?


Because I really didn’t think about it at all.


I was way more excited about the parts that came before getting clients & after getting clients.  But not the actual getting clients bit!


But the sad fact is that we all need paying clients to actually have a thriving & growing business, otherwise it just becomes a very expensive hobby or charity!


What about now?  How do you think & feel about selling?  Does it excite you?  Do you dread it or just feel like it’s something you’ve got to do, but you’d rather just hide away from actually doing it?


If that’s the case, let me share a quick mindset & thinking shift that can make all the difference.


It’s helped me loads & even a new client that I shared it with the other week (yep … they became a lovely new client that I’m getting to help because I actually sold them one of my coaching packages).


It’s all about focusing upon the TRANSFORMATION your product or service will give them, instead of thinking of it being a sales transaction!


I explain fully what I mean by this & how it makes a huge difference in the podcast, so listen in now.


Enjoy & of course let me know how it helps you.

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Best wishes as always.

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