Be honest do you have a voice in your head that talks to you & sometimes even speaks out loud?

It’s ok … you’re not going mad … I have a voice in my head too!

But what are some of the things that it says or thinks over & over again?

Especially when filling in the blank to this type of statement, ‘I am …..’ ?


If it’s positive stuff like,

  • I am improving day by day
  • I am on it
  • I am committed to this 
  • I am going to figure it out
  • I am confident
  • I am on the right path

Or things like that … if so then keep that going & turn up the volume! Because your mind is hearing you & it’ll be having a positive impact in your actions & results.


But on the other hand, if it’s not so positive stuff like,

  • I am struggling
  • I am never going to be successful
  • I am so behind
  • I am worried
  • I am broke & can’t afford that
  • I am not as good as …..

You’ve got to turn that around pronto, as you don’t want that being the soundtrack that your mind is constantly listening to, do you? Because it will quickly start believing all of those things are true, which in turn could negatively impact EVERYTHING!


So the next time you hear yourself say or think something that’s not helping in a positive way, catch it in the moment & question it.


You could ask yourself,

‘Really, is that true?’,

‘Do I want to keep thinking thing?’

or one of my favourite, ‘When did I decide this to be true?’.


Just by the fact that you’re not just letting it slip on my & instead you’re questioning it, will start to break the auto-pilot thinking & power that it could be having over you!


Then you can start to flip some of those negatives into more positives that will help serve you even better!


It’s really not rocket science but trust me it makes a huge difference!


Let me know how you get on with this & I look forward to catching up with you again next time.


Best wishes as always.

business coach

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