How to avoid giving up in your business

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I know what it’s like when you set a big hairy & scary goal.  You can start thinking … ‘is it really going to happen?’


Then doubt can creep in & you start thinking …. ‘but how am I going to do it?!?’


‘How?’ … isn’t the most useful question to focus or dwell upon from my experience.


Because if you’re so determined to have something happen in a very specific way, you could be closing your eyes to opportunities for that goal being achieved in much easier & different ways.  Ways that you don’t even know is possible yet.


So what can you do to have the faith & confidence to keep on going, instead of giving up?


For me, I love seeing ‘signs’ that give me the little nod, that things are unfolding towards that goal, so just keep on moving forward.


Do you have a ‘sign’ that helps give you that boost?


For me, it’s whenever I see a butterfly.   Whether that’s a real-life one, or if it shows up in the most random of places, like my niece’s t-shirt the other day.


Without fail, it helps me banish any doubts & gives me an extra spring in my step.


If you don’t have a ‘sign’ yet, you can choose one!  Just make sure it’s not something so normal that you already see it easily every day.


Butterflies also reminds me of something powerful one of my mentors Roger Hamilton talks about.


‘Grow a garden instead of chasing butterflies’


There’s 2 ways to go growing your business, a hard way or an easier way.


If you’re constantly chasing butterflies, it’s like being in ‘hustle’ mode.  Every day you’re having to wake up & do lots of chasing.  Think about it, if you had a net & were chasing butterflies, what would they do?  Fly away from you!


And if you didn’t get out there with your net to chase your butterflies, well you’d have none that day, right?


How about you did things differently?


If you grew your ‘garden’, then butterflies would be attracted to it more easily, even when you’re not there.  And it would also attract other animals & insects.


Ok, so what’s that go to do with business?


Well, your business could be like the garden.  When you’re out there consistently sharing your valuable content & resources, it’s making it easier for you to attract your ideal customers, clients or even potential collaborators.


This could still be working for you over & over again, even when you’re not actually there.


When you grow your garden, you’re not worried about the ‘how’ things will happen, unlike if you had that net & your sole focus was chasing the butterflies.


Does that make sense?


So what can you do today, to grow your garden & then use your ‘sign’ to help you know that you’re on track, so just keep on going?


I’d love to know how this resonates with you & what your sign is, so do drop me a comment below or drop me a message here.

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