Asking your friends* for their advice or feedback on things to do with your business could be a big mistake!


Because they’re probably not your ideal customers!

So does it really make a difference if they think it’s a winning idea or that shade of blue is the best for your new logo?

Of course they’ll have great intentions for you & want you to succeed.    But they may not truly get what keeps your ideal customers up at night worrying or how much your product or service could truly help them.

It’s your ideal customers who really matter, so spend time getting out there, connecting & sharing things with them!  That way you’ll get real & valuable feedback, which will help you to adapt & grow your business in the right direction.

It can also be really frustrating for you as a business owner too, when your friends don’t get you & what your challenges or opportunities are!  Especially if they’re not business owners themselves or have experience of the buck stopping with you!

That’s why it’s super important that you surround yourself with the right people too.

People who can help you to quickly stop going around in circles or thinking that you should throw in the towel!

People who you can bounce ideas around with on all manner of topics like marketing; product creation; technology; business systems & overcoming limiting mindsets or thoughts!

People who are supportive but also don’t just sugar coat things for you & say ‘it will all be fine’.  But instead they actually give you sound advice & directions that will truly help you move things forward.

So make sure you find yourself that right group of people for you!

If you don’t have those types of right people around you, then be sure to check out The Transformation Exchange.  


That’s exactly why I created this special online mastermind community last year.  It’s where you get the benefits of having both group coaching from me & also the support from a fellow business owners!

The membership is still at the introductory founders rate but that’s going to be changing very soon!  In fact it will actually be nearly doubling in price! 

But for those who are already in the community before then, they can keep on the current founders rate!

So check all the details here & see how it could truly help you to grow your business!

Best wishes & speak soon

business coach

p.s. *if you have some friends like me, who are hot shots at what they do in their business & are true experts in their field, then of course you can ask them for their help 🙂

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