Do you have a growth or fixed mindset in your business?

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A few months back, it was a fairly typical morning in the Sharif household … classic Home Alone style.


Even though bags were packed & clothes were sorted the night before … something always seems to disappear over night.


On this particular morning, it was one of Aaron’s shoes.  Shareen was running around downstairs hunting for it, whilst I doing my best to help look for it upstairs … whilst hobbling around in my crutches at the time.


As she finally found it (she got this proper superpower of finding things in places – even after I’ve looked there), as they are flying out the door in all the commotion, Kaiyas’s words catch my ear …


‘You’ve got to have a growth mindset Aaron’, as the door slams shut behind them.


Did I just hear right?


Did my 6 year old son just share some profound words of wisdom with younger little brother?


I couldn’t wait till he get back from school, so I could ask him ….’How do you know about growth mindsets’?


Well it turns out that they’ve been learning about it in his primary school & he summed it so well.


Then he flummoxed me even more by saying, ‘Is that not what you’re always talking about during your ‘people calls’?’ (what he calls my coaching client sessions).


He was right … at the core of everything I do is all about helping business owners to really focus on developing a growth mindset … instead of operating from a fixed mindset.


And it makes a huge impact on EVERYTHING & I really mean EVERYTHING.


In today’s super short podcast episode, you’ll quickly get to see what way your mindset is swinging, when it comes to your beliefs; focus; effort; challenges; mistakes & feedback.


Then take what you discover & make sure that you do all you can to either move or consistently stay in that growth mindset zone.

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Best wishes as always.

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