Create Your Stop Doing List

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I’m positive that you’ve got a ‘to-do’ list that’s way bigger than you’d like.


And it just seems to get bigger each day, because there’s always so much for you to do when it comes to growing your business.


Am I right?


Seriously when’s the last time you put all those tasks through their paces to see if they’re actually worthy of a space on your sacred ‘to do’ list? 


In this week’s podcast, I’ll walk you through how to channel your inner Simon Cowell & create a ‘Stop Doing’ list.


I guarantee that you’ll save yourself loads of time & energy as a result.

So what tasks will make the cut for your ‘to-do’ list & which will go on your ‘stop-doing’ list?


Then you’ll get to refine your ‘stop-doing’ list even more & sort them into those tasks that will get banished to Azkaban because they are just a complete waste of time & those that you’ll get someone else to help you with or find a magical system to make them happen … without YOU!


Sounds good?


Trust me … this podcast is one that should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list to tune into today.


Once you’ve listened, drop me an email let me know at least one thing that you’re going to stop doing!

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Best wishes as always.

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