Your attitude is a deal breaker!


Because it will impact absolutely everything – from how you think, feel & see things!


Sometimes we can dive straight into trying to change or solve the situation or ‘thing’ without checking in on our attitude. But that isn’t going to actually change anything in the long run.


Think about it … have you ever known anyone (maybe yourself), who has went from one situation to another … perhaps from one job to another … or one relationship to another … or one type of business to another …. but the same things end up happening?


Yes the situation has changed … but if the same attitude is being dragged into that ‘new’ situation … history will likely repeat itself.


That’s exactly why when I’m coaching & mentoring my business clients, it’s their attitudes that I’m constantly questioning & challenging first. Because if that doesn’t get some fine-tuning or overhaul, the situation won’t get any better either!


So has there been anything for you this week so far that hasn’t been going the way you’d like it? Now you know what I’m going to suggest …. take a minute & check-in on how you’re attitude is around it & what you could do to rapidly transform that.


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Have a great one & speak again soon.

business coach

p.s. I’ve just had a big light-bulb moment when writing this! I don’t need to go searching online to track down Supernanny to come visit our 5 year old, who is usually an angel but certainly hasn’t been as cute or adorable over the last few days. It’s my attitude around it all that needs to change!

Don’t you just love it when you get the best lessons from what you share with others … that you really needed to hear yourself too!

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