Are your goals straining you too much?

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Remember Goldilocks … her bed was too hard, her porridge was too hot & then her chair was too high.


Then her bed was too soft, her porridge was too cold & her chair too small.


After that, she got it spot on!


Was she just being really fussy & high maintenance or was it good for her to get it just right?


I see this happening all the time with business owner, when they set goals.


They can either set them in a way that makes life more challenging that it needs to be & it ends up totally putting a strain on them.


Or they can make them so easy, that they can make it happen with their eyes closed.  That keeps them just coasting along & their business just stagnating.


But when they hit that sweet spot … of it stretching them but not straining them … it’s just right.


In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll bring this to life even more for you with practical ways for you to make sure your current & future goals are put through the ‘Goldilocks’ test.


Cause I want you to smash your goals & enjoy the journey too.


I look forward to ‘chatting’ with you over on the podcast.

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