Are You Really That Special?

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Ever find yourself in the middle of your very own intimate ‘pity party’?


Where the music is blaring inside your head with lyrics like,

‘Why’s it not happening for me?’

‘It’s alright for them!’

‘Is it ever going to happen?’

‘Seriously, what’s wrong with me?’


Well the good news is that you’re the DJ & you can change the playlist in your mind.


Here’s one ‘track’ … or what a coach like me would call a question, which will instantly change things up for you … in a positive way.


I asked it to a client yesterday & their reaction was priceless. And more importantly, it helped them to think, feel & act differently straight away!


That question is:

‘What makes you so special that you can’t do it?’


It’s such a powerful question isn’t it? (It comes from a previous podcast guest, Jessica Lorimer’s mum Sarah!)


Be sure to save it to your favourite ‘playlist’, for whenever you may be venturing into a future ‘pity party’.


Because I know you’re special … but are you really THAT special?



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