7 Ways to ensure you’re not wasting your time learning
I love the smell of BOOKS!


I know it may sound a bit strange (or not strange at all, if you’re like me) … but nothing beats walking into a real bookshop & getting a whiff of freshly printed books!


I’m sure you’ll agree that learning is so important when it comes to growing yourself & your business.   Of course books can be a great way to help with that.


But I seriously don’t get impressed when people tell me how many hundreds of books they’ve read this year or how they get through a book a day or week!   And that’s saying something coming from me as a self-confessed book-a-holic!


Watch the replay of my recent Facebook LIVE below, where I’ll share why I think why that I think people can actually read too much & also my 7 strategies on how to ‘consume’ new learning content in a way that makes a difference.

Let me know which of the 7 strategies you’re going to put into action first, by leaving me a comment below.


Best wishes as always

business coach

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