5 Ways to Reduce Decision Fatigue

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What’s something you do hundreds … if not thousands of times a day?


Make decisions!


Sometimes they are tiny ones & other times they may be massive life changing ones … but they all require something.


Your energy, time & sanity. 


One of the cool things about being a business owners is that the decisions around what you do … are down to YOU!


But what I find often happens is that we can waste our energy & time on those ‘non-important’ decisions & then we’re knackered or overwhelmed when it comes making the really ‘important’ ones.


So in this week’s podcast, I share 5 simple ways that you can avoid ‘decision fatigue’ in your business & life. 


Which will mean you’ll get rid of having to make loads of decisions each day & focus on the big juicy ones.


You’ll also hear some pretty mind-blowing research that shows the impact that ‘decision fatigue’ can have … without you even realising it.


I’ll save you from making a ‘should I …?’ decision here … simple click on the link & listen to the podcast now … done 🙂


Enjoy & let me know what decisions you’re going to stop making everyday.

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