You Must Make Haste

Bridgerton.   You binge watched it yet?


We did & I surprisingly really liked it … especially considering I used to say, ‘I don’t like period dramas or things set in the really olden days’.


It’s now been the most watched Netflix shows since it was released with 82 million views too – which blew my mind, as it seems like everyone in ‘The Ton’ has been partaking in this year’s ‘social season’.


So why am I sharing this with you, my dear reader?


Because I think there’s a fair few things we can learn & be inspired from it, as business owners.


In this week’s podcast episode (which you can think of as being an audio version of Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers), I reveal these to you.


(Don’t worry there’s no plot reveals or spoilers)


Enjoy it & I’m sure you will see how ‘You Must Make Haste’ & stop dilly-dallying with over-thinking things too much & under-doing!

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Best wishes as always.

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