‘Remember when Osmaan was totally in love with the IT teacher?’, blurted out a friend over dinner.


‘Erm no I wasn’t!’ … I quickly responded, whilst turning a shade of bright red!


‘Yes you so were!’ … pipped up some of my other loyal school friends.


The truth was out!  Because I really did fancy my IT teacher in high school, but at the time, I didn’t really know it.  (Oh maybe I just hadn’t admitted it to myself or others back then).  But looking back at it may years later … I could see that I was in fact crushing hard on her.


But the funny thing is … apparently EVERYONE else knew  & it was seemingly so obvious to them all at the time …. but not to me!


This reminds me so much of what it’s like for business owners.


You often don’t know what you don’t know!


But through coaching conversations, they get to really see & admit what they really, really want … or what’s really not working & why!  So it’s not a secret anymore & then they can do something about it!


Want to hear more about the realisations (erm … confessions) about my high school crush, plus other tips to help you to Get Out Your Way & grow your business?


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