Why Business Growth & Change Can Feel Messy

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In the ideal world, we could click our fingers like Mary Poppins & viola … ‘the job is done’.


But in reality, when making changes & growing your business things can often look & feel messier before they get better.


That’s normal, seriously!


Clarity comes after chaos!


Just like that time when I decided to Marie Kondo the heck out of my clothes. The room looked like a tornado had hit it, until I persevered & finished the task at hand. And not even halfway through, I was beating myself up thinking … ‘why oh why did I even start this?’


But every time I open my drawer to choose which pair of Harry Potter themed socks to grace the day with, I smile & think … ‘Ohh look how neat & orderly it now is’. (Yes … sad I know!)


So in this week’s podcast episode, let’s chat about this more & how you can really embrace the messiness of business growth.


It’s filled with practical tips & examples, which I’m sure you’ll get loads of value from & realise that it’s not just you who doesn’t have everything looking ‘Instagram-filtered’ behind the scenes in your business.


Until next week … enjoy growing your business.

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Best wishes as always.

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