Would you prefer to have MORE time or LESS time – to get things done?

When it comes to setting yourself a task or a goal – how much time do you allocate for yourself to actually get it done?

The reason why this is so key is that it boils down to Parkinson’s Law!

A very clever guy, Cyril Parkinson, says that the amount of time you give yourself to do something – is going to be the amount of time it will take you!

Watch this short episode of RT-TV & I’ll talk you through exactly how you can benefit from this law – it’s only 2 minutes and 55 seconds short!

I’m sure you have hundreds of example of this from your everyday life, don’t you?

Remembering back to my days at university (a good decade ago now), I’ll admit that I was a procrastinator (woo hoo – I’ve said it out loud now).  I’d leave everything to the last minute – whether that was studying or assignments.

Well in my final year, it was dissertation time and I had the whole year to get it done!  So because I knew I had the whole year – guess when I started ……

Yep, you’re right – I didn’t get the wheels into motion for that for quite some months and then I was frantically burning the midnight oil to get it done and in for the deadline date!

This was the complete opposite from some other students, who took a more organised and sensible approach!  They looked at the amount of work involved and realised with the right focus, approach & dedication – it wasn’t going to take the full year.  So they set themselves a much shorter time scale – well before the deadline date – and then steadily worked towards getting it done!

(Ohhh if only I knew about Parkinson’s Law back then …. sigh!!!)


“Work expands so as to fill the time available for completion.”

C. Northcote Parkinson

Back to you now …. What are some of the things you have given a timescale that is just far, far, far too long?

Instead how about shrinking that timescale – so you can get the results, experience or completion a lot quicker?

I know that you know that it’s possible!  Just think how super productive you are at getting everything striked off your ‘to-do’ list before you go away on holiday or are out of the office for some time!  Things just get done in that shorter time that you have, which would normally have taken you a lot longer!

The bonus is that you can then use that ‘extra’ time to get your teeth into something else or to relax a bit with a nice green juice (or something else as equally healthy).

So as always, do share your thoughts, comments & how you’re going to apply Parkinson’s Law into your life – by dropping a quick comment in the box below the video or on the Rapid Transformation Facebook page .

Have fun putting this into action & I look forward to sharing even more tips & strategies for you to create even more Rapid Transformations next.

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