What’s Your Money Mindset?

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‘I want to be earning at least double this salary within the next 2 years!’


‘Seriously … who do you think you are?’ … were the words that were going on in my mind, when I heard my colleague say, just after we’d started on the M&S graduate programme together.


But it was simply down to my money mindset & beliefs at the time.


And it’s pretty scary to see just how much those inner stories can hold us back in massive ways … especially when it comes to growing your business.


So what are some of your money stories & do you have a positive or a ‘rubbish’ mindset when it comes to that often emotive side of business & life?


In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll tell you more about you can recognise & start to change some of those beliefs & stories … especially if they’re not working for you.


You’ll also get to hear why I love going to Starbucks practically every day & why I seriously considered paying a lot extra for my car … so that it would reverse park itself!


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