What Are You Saying To Yourself?

I was on school drop off duty on Monday, which was fun in the pouring rain.


As I was giving Kaiyas a subtle ‘hug’, so as not to ruin his street cred before he ran into the playground,  I couldn’t help notice his friend’s mum was saying to her son …


‘Remember you can just do your best & have fun’.


Ohh how nice, right.


But then as we walked back to where our cars were parked, she said basically told me that she’d been saying the complete opposite to herself all weekend!



I know something is 100% true for yourself … you’ve got a little voice in your head that talks to you.  Am I right?  Told you!


But how is that little or BIG voice talking to you?

Would you say what you say to yourself to a child or even your best friend?

The scary thing is that what we are saying inside our heads can totally impact what we do & don’t do going forward.


Listen into this week’s podcast to hear more, plus how you can change that inner voice from being a mean bully to a cheerleader instead.  (Pompoms are totally optional!)


Enjoy & let me know what how this super powerful strategy works for you!

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Best wishes as always.

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