Truth Behind Overnight Success

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I loved tucking into my first Nando’s chicken pitta & peri-salted chips back in 2004. It was so new, novel & fresh, as I’d never even heard of peri-peri spice before.


From that moment on, Nando’s seemed to be popping up everywhere & new phrase was born … ‘a cheeky Nando’s’.


‘What an overnight success they’ve had’, I remember thinking.


But in reality, they opened their first restaurant back in 1987 … 17 years before I even knew they existed.


Now that’s some ‘overnight’ success story, right?


I know how it can feel when you see other people in your industry have a meteoric rise out of nowhere & ‘overnight’.


Then you’re left thinking … ‘How are they doing it so fast?’ ‘Why am I so behind?’ … (and all the other lovely words you say to yourself in your head).


But in like 99.9999% of the cases (ok I made up that stat), it’s simply not true!


In this week’s podcast episode, I dig into the truth behind overnight success more & even question whether you’d really even want that to happen.


So tune in & hear some practical ways that you can focus on what you’re doing to grow your business … each & every day!

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