How much credit do you give your unconscious mind?


Do you trust it?


Well it kinda runs the show in so many ways … so I really hope you do!


Think about it … did you have to remind yourself to breathe in the past few seconds?


How about blinking your eyes … did you have to instruct your body to do that?


Nope … we’ve got a helping hand ALL the time, who’s looking out for us.


But are you using your unconscious mind when it comes to growing your business & to Get Out Your Way?


Today I’d love to share 2 practical ways that you can purposefully tap into the magic of your unconscious mind, especially to guide you with decision making & in those moments when you feel stuck.


Enjoy using them even more & perhaps give your unconscious mind a ‘high five’ right now & say … ‘thanks for always being here for me!’

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Best wishes as always.

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