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Can you believe that my friend Sasha is watching Friends for the FIRST TIME in her life?


When she told me that I was like … ‘Ohhh My God?!?’(in the voice of Janice)!


It just goes to show how easy it is to think that EVERYONE knows or cares about what you do already.


But they don’t! 


In business this means that we can become blinded by things we take for granted.


What may now seem like just a ‘little thing’, can actually be mind blowing for someone who’s experiencing it for the first time.


I come across this all the time when coaching & mentoring small business owners.


Like when I’m sharing a ‘basic’ Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) technique buy soma online from bestseller with a client, to help them let go of a negative & limitng belief or to help them get rid of a big fear or inner battle they’re having.


Or when a client first finds out which of the 8 Entrepreneurial Superpower they have when they do their Wealth Dynamics test.


The sense of relief I often see in their eyes is huge. Because they finally understand why they’ve struggled doing certain things in the business in the past & how they’ve can now have clarity about doing things differently and in way that’s right for THEM!!


Even though I’ve seen these reactions hundreds & hundreds of times over the past decade, this is often the FIRST time that person. 


I’ll admit that at times I’ve taken it for granted & can think … ‘but this is just ‘BASIC’ things I’m sharing’. I ‘should’ be diving into the more advanced or ‘new’ things I’ve recently learned.


But for them, that ‘basic’ thing is NEW & can be a total life & business changer for THEM!


Do you sometimes think you’ve been talking about the same thing forever?


Are you at times taking for granted the real value you have to offer out there in the big wide world?


What experiences, results and insights can you now give to someone so that they get to have THEIR first time?


Let me know in the comments below if this has resonated with you?


business coach

(P.S – as an avid Friends fan … how cool would it be to experience it all again for the first time again  )

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