I know you’re probably the kind of person who’s hungry for even MORE … more results, more success, more challenge & want it to all happen yesterday!  Am I right?

What can happen though if you’re not careful is that you could start ‘dissing’ or thinking negatively about where you currently are.

That’s natural of course because it’s not where you really want to be anymore.  But too much of that kind of focus & energy, can actually keep you there or even worse go backwards.

So if you find yourself ‘moaning’ about how you’re sick of ‘this’ and can’t wait until you can do or get ‘that’ …. give yourself a gentle reminder to be thankful for your current ‘this’!

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.”

Anthony Robbins

You may think I’m mad but being thankful for where you are, can lead you to think, feel & act differently!  You’ll have more of a spring in your step and a more positive attitude.

I have lots of coaching clients who are still working in their ‘job’, whilst growing their business on the side.  There’s been many a times when I’ve set them a task to really think about 20 reasons why they’re grateful for their current job.

Yes they look at me strangely at first, but as soon as they start doing this, you can see how it helps them change their focus & energy around it all.

How about you take up this challenge today too?

Make a list of 20 reasons of why you’re grateful for your current situations ….  even if you have to dig deep!

Have fun putting this into action today & again being grateful for all the things  you may not have been as grateful for recently.

Also remember, if you’re in Glasgow be sure to join me & a group of like minded people next Monday evening (15th June)  for our monthly Book Club.

 You can find out more about it & what book we’re all busy reading/listening too here.

Enjoy the rest of your day & speak again soon.


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