Let’s get real!  That big voice that’s living in your head (rent free) isn’t always the best tenant, is it?  From time to time, it can be telling you fibs ….which you end up believing! 


Like …..


  • ‘I better call them later, as they’re probably munching away on their lunch just now.’


  • ‘They’ll think I’m nuts & it’s way wayway too expensive for them!’


  • ‘Tomorrow ….yeah it makes more sense for me to wait, instead of starting it now.’


  • ‘Why do I always feel like the dafty, whilst everyone else has got their ‘stuff’ together?’


  • ‘Seriously am I mad to even think that I’ll make a go of this!’


You catch the drift?  Even if you don’t say those exact things, I’m sure there’s times when you talk to yourself in a way that you’d never dream of speaking to your best friend … (even if they’ve cancelled on your coffee catch up again!)


But why do you this?


PROTECTION!  Somehow that little bugger in your mind can think it’s helping you by keeping you playing small, as it’s scared at what could happen otherwise.


Seriously though … what’s the worst that could happen if you just picked up the phone & called that person who’s been on your current list (& last week’s list & the one before too)?


In reality, what’s going on in your mind is not the whole truth & nothing but the truth.


It’s a mish-mash of your beliefs, past things that have happened (or not happened), your mindset, topped off with a sprinkle of active imagination.


So is it time that you ‘evict’ your tenant or at least give them a warning to buck up their ideas?  Don’t let them control the show. Pin them down; question them & tell them that YOU’RE the boss!


Right it’s time to spill it  … what lies have you been telling yourself, which have been making you just creep around the place, pretending that you’re doing everything you can be doing but deep down you know that you’re not.


Quickly comment below & share it with me, plus what you’re now going to do instead.


Catch up again next time.

business coach

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  • Patricia Campbell

    The lies I tell myself is that i don’t know where to start.
    That i don’t need any help.
    That I’m too old to start.

    But if I am honest what I’ve just said is lies because I’m just scared and giving into it. Scared to put myself out there, because I’m scared to fail and be found out..

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