Stop Ignoring It!

I had one of my worst ever coaching experience, a good few years ago.


At a high level, it involved a client telling me something, without us realised his wife was listening to the full conversation behind the door!  And it’s fair to say she wasn’t best pleased & understandably so.


I’ll share more about what happened in this week’s podcast episode.


Honestly, it was a horrific experience to find myself in … but in a way I’m also very thankful for it.


Because it finally made me sit up & make a big decision that I was avoiding for quite some time until that happened.


I’m sure you’ve experienced this before.


You ignore something or fail to take action, only for you to find yourself in the same or similar situation again!


And if you keep on ignoring it, it doesn’t make it magically go away.  Instead, it show up again in a more drastic way until you finally go … ‘OK I HEAR YOU & AM GOING TO TAKE ACTION NOW!’


This is something that I see many business owners experience & I want to make sure you don’t let things string out unnecessarily, because you’re too scared to make a decision or take action.


So please do listen to this week’s podcast episode, where I’m sure you’ll understand how this challenging experience really helped me & my business, plus how it can help you stop burying your head in the sand on certain issues or decisions you may have been ignoring.

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