Sort Out Your Systems with Amy Mitchell

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What are those tasks on your to-do list that makes your heart sink?


You know, the ones that seem to ‘always’ need to be done.


But do you always need to be the one to do them?

Could some of those ‘hard’ tasks be done more efficiently by creating or using a system?


That’s why I want to bring you the Queen of Systems, Amy Mitchell – as she is all about using her systems superpower to help you to get out your way.


In this week’s podcast, Amy shares …


  • How you could use this time to sort out your systems in your business


  • Her top tips on where to start to get your ‘house’ in order


  • Some of her fav tools & systems that she couldn’t live without



Tune in today & see how you can put the freedom back into your business now.

Here’s the extra links & resources for this episode:


Here’s the extra links & resources for this episode:

*Check out Amy’s Sort Out Your Systems online course

*Dive into Amy’s free Mini-Asana training course

*Connect with Amy on Instagram (@amyr_mitchell)

*Some of the tools that we speak about:

Asana; Loom; Zoom; Streak; Google Suite; Krisp

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