Small Changes = Big Results

‘Do you think I should wear this dress or the one I showed you before?’, shouted Shareen … even though we really should have left for the wedding 25 minutes ago!


It’s only fashionable for the bride to be late for a wedding, right?


After saying the first one was ‘fine’ (typical guy) … I jumped in the car & punched in post code into the sat nav … waiting patiently & trying my best to not honk the horn.


Then as soon as her backside hit the seat …. I zoomed off.


I listened to directions of the trusted sat nav but we both know that something disastrously had gone wrong when it finally said … ‘You’ve reached your destination’.


In this week’s podcast episode, I share where ended up & how it’s taught me a vital lesson One that I’m sure will help you to Get Out Your Way when you’re growing your business.


Hint hint … small changes can make a difference!


Listen in & see if we got there before they said ‘I Do’!

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Best wishes as always.

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