6 different way to overcome a challenge

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When is a problem a problem?


Or could it in fact really be an opportunity?


It’s no surprise though, when you look at things in just the same way … you end up just getting the same old thinking.  In fact, it can even get your head even further up your … problem!


But life isn’t just black & white, is it? What if you added a splash of red, black, yellow, green or blue into the mix?


Well that’s exactly what I’d love to help you do today.


Because I’m going to bring to life a super simple yet powerful tool that my old boss introduced me to, back in my corporate shirt & tie wearing days.


It’s so useful that I’ve used it loads since then & am often putting my clients through their paces with it too.


So wrap your hands around a challenge, problem or even a positive conundrum that you’ve been driving yourself crazy with & can’t get out of your mind.


You got one?


Then listen to this super short (perhaps the shortest so far) podcast, where you’ll get to sprinkle a bit of colour on the situation & magically see things in different ways.   Ohh that reminds me of those cool kaleidoscope things I used to play with back in the good ole olden days 😉


Here’s a little peak about what you’re about to do with it ….



Enjoy tuning in & let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below or sending me an email here.

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Best wishes as always.

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