Should do or really want to?

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I’m constantly having well intentioned people tell me ….


  • ‘You should stop doing 1-2-1 coaching & do only group coaching.’
  • ‘You could launch online mindset courses’
  • ‘You should create workshops to help kids be more confident’
  • ‘You must do TikToks for business’
  • ‘You should ……’


Everyone’s got an opinion on what you should, could or must do to grow YOUR business.

And all too often, we can start following strategies & goals blindly, which really are not what you actually WANT to do!


What’s worse many of those things may conflict with your values, what’s really important to you or not play to your entrepreneurial superpower.


So be very picky with who you listen to, especially if they’ve not got the full story or know what your goals are.


In this week’s podcast episode, I talk more about this & share some practical ways for you to avoid ‘should-ing’ all over yourself & your business.

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