Have you started to think about what you want to experience & achieve this year?

(Whatever you do, please don’t say you’re going to wait until nearer the time to set some ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. Actually I honestly think that phrase should be banned in the world because they often don’t amount to anything except wasted breath & leave you feel disappointed!)

When it comes to your life & results – you’ve got to treat it seriously by giving it the time & attention that YOU deserve.

How about you get pro-active & start creating or updating your goals from TODAY.  Remember you don’t have it go it alone – in fact, sometimes it’s so much easier & productive to work with someone else to help you really tease out not what you think you ‘should’ go after but what you really want!

So on Tuesday, I spent the whole day camped out in the No1 Chocolate Factory in Glasgow with a fellow business owner & good friend Sam Dounis from The Write Angles and I rolled up my sleeves and get down into the details of creating my vision & specific goals for Rapid Transformation in 2014.

Let’s just say that I’m super excited about the rest of this month & then going full steam ahead for 2014!  The New Year is going to be seeing me spending more time helping individuals and teams to really love what they do in their working life & getting amazing results, by playing to their strengths & using their talents – through a series of new workshops, coaching solutions & programmes!  So watch this space & I look forward to be continuing to share even more with you as a valued member of the Rapid Transformation community!   

But for now … use this week’s e-mail as a catalyst to take the time to get your goals, dreams, visions, outcomes or objective (whatever you call them is cool – except for ‘New Year’s Resolutions!!).


“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”

Michael Korda

Remember I’m here to help you too!  So if you’re feeling stuck & want some additional support to make 2014 a year that you’re super excited and proud of – then do get in touch with me.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

All the best & speak again soon


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