Do you feel the need to ‘know it all’ before even getting off the starting blocks?

I have a great motto that I use in life ….”Embrace not knowing what you don’t yet know and have fun learning as you go!”(it kind of rhymes doesn’t it?)

Watch today’s RT-TV episode (it’s only 3m & 33 seconds short!) to explore how to start doing before you feel totally ready!

When you’re starting to do something different, such as a new task; activity; hobby; project; business or career, you don’t have to become an expert or professional at it straight away!

It can often take time to get things to be ‘perfect’ (if ‘perfect’ even exists) or at least to the standards & performance levels that you want it to be.

Do you think it’s better to wait until you have all the theory or steps & processes mapped out in your mind or paper and then and only them, start to take action in about a gazillion days/weeks/months or years later?  Of course not!

Because that way, you’d be missing out the most important ingredients – the actual learning experience by doing the doing!

I got interested in photography a couple of years ago & got a new big Digital SLR camera.  I still remember the feeling of being super excited, getting it out the box & then feeling overwhelmed when I looked at all the buttons & settings that it had!

Up until then, I had personally only used ‘point & shoot’ compact cameras, so I didn’t really have a clue about terminology like ISO settings; apertures, f-setting or what most of the icons on the camera dial were!

So I kept taking photos only on the ‘auto’ setting & thought that I could only move onto the ‘manual’ setting after I understood everything that I needed to know about digital photography! But then I thought … that could take me FOREVER!!!

Instead I got resourceful & bought a great book for ‘beginners’ and then just started to develop my skills by experimenting with the different settings and most importantly taking photos!

So fast forwarding a couple of years now – I’ve been learning as I go ahead.  My photos have been getting a lot better each time (even if I do say so myself!)

Plus when I need to figure out how to get a certain type of shot, I’m then more focused to dive straight into my book; jump on ‘how-to’ websites & resources to figure out how to do it!

“Every artist was first an amateur”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What have you been putting off because your waiting until you feel confident & ‘know it all’ before taking action?

How about instead, today you give yourself that little nudge or big kick and just get started and do it! I promise, you’ll learn so much more; enjoy the experience and get to the ‘results’ so much quicker … than sitting and doing nothing!

I’d love to hear what you’re going to commit yourself to start doing NOW rather than waiting anymore.  Please share it by dropping a quick comment in the box below or on the Rapid Transformation Facebook page

Have another fun week giving yourself the permission to being a ‘work in progress’!

I look forward to sharing even more with you next time!

Have a fantastic day.

  • Patricia

    Yay!!! Go Os.. I had a call with Ali yesterday on this very same subject. I am launching a new product and was coming up with 101 reasons as to why I had to plan to plan and launch in the New Year or just do it NOW. Great video, thank you.

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