‘What’s zero x zero?’

Are you scratching your head & rapidly zooming back to memories of when you were stuck in maths class staring out the window & dreaming of getting out of maths class (or was that just me)?

Honestly, it’s not a trick question and the answer is simple.  It’s ZERO!

You can’t multiply ZERO.

So why do some people in business try to do just that?

When it comes to business, you need to have something of value (a product or service), which someone else finds valuable enough that they’ll be wanting to pay you money for!

It begs the question, is your latest ‘idea’ something of real value?

And if you’ve got too many ideas or things you’re doing, are you spreading that value too thin …. like that tiny blob of Nutella chocolate on you’ve tried to cover on your piece of toast to be ‘good’ but it’s just not cutting it?

Does it help solve a real problem or challenge for your ideal customer or give them an experience that they want?

An idea only turns into something of real VALUE when you actually act upon it & turn it into something more ‘concrete’ & in a form that you can easily share.

If you don’t & you try to market it, it’s like you’re trying to multiply zero … and we know how that’ll turn out right?

You need to get super clear on the value you want to offer … and I mean super clear like staring through a streak free glass window that isn’t covered with lots of kids strawberry jam shaped handprints (ok that may just be our living room windows).

The good news is that when you focus on that value you have … you can then turn your attention to then sharing it far & wide with your ideal customers, who’ll want it because it’s valuable to them.

There’s a fancy pants term for this … Leverage.

You need to leverage because without doing it, your valuable products or services actually aren’t being of value!

It’s like having a shop filled to the brim with delicious cupcakes with sprinkles on top, but not having any customers coming into buy them.  Just think how the poor cupcakes will be feeling when they’re then having to be tossed out into the rubbish at the end of the week?

Or if you’re a coach and aren’t actually coaching anyone.   Is that you offering the value that you have with the world?

Or if you’ve got catalogues filled with amazing products that you know could make your clients have better & younger looking skin, but they’re sitting in your gold bags … waiting & waiting & waiting… gathering dust …. are they actually being of real value?

I could go on & on & on … but I won’t because I want you to stop and take action now!

What can you do today to really focus on spreading the value that you want to share, so that people get to experience it & you get to be rewarded for it too?

Focus on that & that alone!

Drop a quick comment below to share what the value you have in your business is & how you’re going to leverage it even more.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


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