Let Go Of Your Regrets

‘I should have …’

‘If only I ….’

‘I wish I did ….’


It’s funny how when you think about the things you didn’t do & now regret, you only think about the potential positive stuff that could have happened & you feel like you may have missed out on.


You don’t tend to think … ‘If only I said yes to ______, that could have ended up in me getting hit by a bus on the way to that event’.  (Morbid I know … but you get the point right?)


Plus when you focus upon regrets, you rob yourself of the chance to recognise all the things that you DID do & HAVE achieved.


And more importantly to realise that it’s not over yet … and the choices you make & decisions you take right now, will cause a new ripple effect of possibilities in your future.


This really struck home to me again last week, as my week off to relax & unwind took an unexpected turn because we all needed to self-isolate because of COVID.


But I still did get time to read a book called ‘The Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig & it was all about looking at regrets.


It was a fab book & I share more about the insights I took from it, plus a very powerful passage in this week’s podcast episode.


Have a fun & productive week ahead … living your live & growing your business without any need for regret!

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Best wishes as always.

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