Imagine Your Business As A Sausage Machine

Imagine your business was a sausage … what would it look, smell, taste, feel & sound like?


Is it nice, juicy, appetising & sizzling?


Or is it a bit thin; lumpy, filled with random flavours or feeling a bit stale?


Well what does that tell you about the ingredients you’re putting in … if that’s the sausage that’s coming out?


Hmmm ….


Richard Wilkins, the ‘Minister of Inspiration’ shared a wonderful metaphor of life being like a sausage machine.  What you get out will depend on what you put in!


In this week’s short podcast episode, let’s lift the lid on the BBQ & see what’s cooking in your business.


Listen in …  even if you’re not a big fan of sausages!


Best wishes as always.

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Best wishes as always.

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