Have you ever read something & thought … ‘this was written for ME’?

Well that’s what I was feeling as I read ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

One part really resonated & I thought you’d like it too.

It’s all about ideas ….

There’s really no shortage of ideas that we all get. But if we don’t act upon or nurture them … they could easily go to find someone else who will do it!

Elizabeth shared an example, where she worked really hard on a new novel & it was taking shape! Then life got in the way & she packed it away, thinking she’ll get back to it ‘someday’.

Then a couple of years later she did go back to it …. but the words weren’t flowing for her any more. It was like there was no life in that project any more .. no matter how hard she tried .. it just wasn’t happening.

Shortly after, she met another author for the first time & they got chatting. It turned out that this other lady was writing practically the exact same fiction book! Did she steal the idea? … No! It has just moved on to a new ‘owner’!

This struck me on two counts!

1) Never think you’re idea will wait for you! They don’t last forever! You’ve got to do something about it to turn it from an ‘idea’ to reality.

2) It’s OK to let go of an idea or project that is past it’s ‘use-by’ date for you! Too many people try to force themselves to do something but are actually are working on an ‘outdated’ goal or dream! There’s no shortage of ideas!

Since appreciating this through the words that Elizabeth shared, there’s a business projects & idea that I’ve had on my ‘list’ for a good while … that I’ve decided to scrap! Because it just doesn’t connect with me any more!

It feels great knowing that someone else may now get to take that idea & make it their own … freeing up time & space for me to work on current & new ideas that come along!

So what ideas or projects have you been neglecting for a while? Is it time that you gave them the attention they deserve? Or to decide to score them off the list & allow other ideas to come your way?

Let me know what you’re going to do in the comments below.

Enjoy the rest of your day & speak soon.

Best wishes

business coach

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